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A non-profit, 501(c)3 organization based in New York City, Kulanu (Hebrew for "all of us") works around the world to support isolated and emerging Jewish communities who wish to learn more about Judaism and (re-)connect with the wider Jewish community.

Explore our web site to learn more about Kulanu and the communities we work with in Africa, Asia, and the Americas. Find out how you can get involved, or make an impact now with a donation and join the global network of Kulanu supporters today!

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Kulanu Highlights

Latest Issue of KulanuNews Now Available Online!

image: Latest Issue of KulanuNews

The Spring 2014 issue of KulanuNews, Kulanu's informative publication about Jewish communities around the world, is now available to read on our web site! The latest edition features moving articles by Kulanu volunteers and community members, as well as wonderful color photos to help tell their stories. Click here to check it out in full-color! Here's a glimpse of what you will find in this issue:

  • Resurrecting the Jewish Community of Nicaragua, p 1
  • Abuja Igbos Join Kulanu Network, p 4
  • Communities Celebrate Jewish Holidays, p 7
  • Our Month with the Lemba in Zimbabwe, p 8
  • From the Inside: American Pioneers in Harare, p 12
  • Preserving/Enjoying Ethiopian Music, p 14
  • Sussman Tribute, p 18
  • Thank You Donors, p 20
  • Fall Speaking Tour, p 21
  • President’s Message, p 22
  • Annual Anusim Conference, p 24

Click here! to read full articles.

We think you'll enjoy this new issue! (Missed the last one? Read it now at www.kulanu.org/magazines

KulanuNews is published two to three times a year, and unless otherwise requested, Kulanu mails hard copies of each issue to our supporters for a year.

This is one of the ways we keep you in the loop about how your contributions are put to work, and also to inform readers about isolated and emerging Jewish communities around the world -- remarkable groups you might not learn about anywhere else.

If you would like to receive your own copy of future issues, please make a donation now at www.kulanu.org/donate. We look forward to hearing what you think of KulanuNews!

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Announcing the 2014 Kulanu-Abayudaya Women's Speaking Tour!

image: Shoshanna Nambi. Photo by Hedy Cohen, 2013.

Shoshanna Nambi
(Photo by Hedy Cohen)

Kulanu is thrilled to announce that this fall's Abayudaya speaking tour - running from October 23 to November 24, 2014 - will feature young activist Shoshanna Nambi. In 2013, Shoshanna was the first Jewish woman to represent her community on this annual Kulanu-organized tour; one host described Ms. Nambi's presentation as "heart-warming and educational... truly unforgettable."

Click here to find out how to invite Shoshanna Nambi to YOUR community this fall!

We are requesting your help in filling this year's tour calendar. Share this announcement with decision-makers in your community (rabbi or synagogue president, leader of your social action group, university department heads, etc) and encourage them to get involved. And if you are a decision-maker, please click here!

A product of the high school that Kulanu helps to sustain, Shoshanna is among the first Abayudaya women to graduate from university. As a former youth leader, an active Jewish learner and participant in her congregation, as well as a mother and an administrator in organizations that address women's and community health issues, Shoshanna will present a fresh and unique perspective on the roles of women in the Abayudaya community and the challenges they face.

Learn more about Shoshanna and this year's speaking tour here:

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Rabbanit Boni and Rabbi Gerald Sussman

This year Kulanu has chosen to honor Rabbanit Bonita and Rabbi Gerald Sussman, a power couple whose work with Kulanu has had a profound impact on Kulanu communities and on the mission of our organization. In the last four years, Boni and Rabbi Gerald have traveled to India, Cameroon, Nicaragua, and New Guinea on behalf of isolated and emerging Jewish communities. This year alone, they have visited Nicaragua a second time and plan to travel to Madagascar this summer. They are true pioneers and, one might say, holy malachim or messengers on behalf of Judaism. Where there are people who seek to learn about our faith, the Sussmans are there. When a community leader has needed access to Jewish education, they have responded; when a community has looked for Jewish books, a Torah, teachers, the Sussmans are on the front line. Together or separately, they continue to make an impact as they crisscross the world on Kulanu business.

Rabbanit Boni and Rabbi Gerald’s association with Kulanu began seven years ago when they went for two weeks to visit the Bene Ephraim Jewish community in Andhra Pradesh, India. Today, Boni serves as a Kulanu vice president with special responsibilities for emerging Jewish communities. She is a whirlwind of activity with the energy of three people, always in motion, suggesting new projects, networking and assisting Kulanu communities on their spiritual journeys. Rabbi Gerald holds no formal title in Kulanu, but unstintingly gives his time, energy and Jewish learning to promote Kulanu’s mission; he is a true partner in transmitting and spreading Judaism to communities abroad. Currently, he is serving as a spiritual advisor to the isolated community of Madagascar. He has not just accompanied Boni, but he has taken an active role in educating communities on Jewish law and ritual.

Please visit the tribute page to learn more about the Sussmans' exceptionnal work and to see how you can show your appreciation of Rabbanit Boni and Rabbi Gerald Sussman by contributing to the Journal. We'll be publishing an addendum soon with more messages.. Visit www.kulanu.org/donate and be sure to include "Sussmans Tribute" in the memo or comments field of your gift. Thanks!

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